Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Secret place

Feeling like no one was there for Emily she would run to her hiding place .  She sat all alone sobbing her heart out then out of no where came a voice or was it just her imagination. Emily gazed up from her teary eyes and low and behold was a figure in front of her. "Are you ok": said she to Emily" who are you "? Emily replied back ? I am your mother could it really be . But thats not possible replied Emily 'go away she said ': your just lying to me like all the others . 'Like who'; said the voice . 'Did he send you here', 'who send me here  ', maybe its her after all taught Emily to herself . How can i trust you ? Have you a locket that you hide in this place where we sit . How could she know this its not possible .  'What if i have '?  I gave it to you before , before what Emily screamed out who are you? 'what do you want with me ?' 'I only want to be there for you' . 'But no one ever wants to be there for me not since she left' ,as a picture fell from her pocket she realised this lady in front of her was in fact her real mother .

Emily jumped up into her mothers arms embrassing her every touch and hug . She had been waiting for this moment for ever and now it had happened as she imagined even better . Emily could not take her eyes off her mother dont leave me just then she taught how will we tell them they are impossible . 'Emily' said her mother now wait there is nothing to  be worried about we will tell them together and nothing will take me away from you ever again .  So they set off to the house on the hill where father and herself would be waiting i suppose . KNOCK went the door , im scared said Emily no need assured her mother Jane . 'There you are', said the woman at the door. 'That's the other mother', she said. I am Jane said Emilys mum who are you  i am yes the other woman Emilys gobsmacked stepmother was feeling faint with the shock couldnt be she insisted with her shallow breath .  Just then the car pulled up and in it Emilys father where have you been Emily . Jane replied she was in her hiding place all girls have one . The stunned father look where have you come from thats a long story as you well know but we have a long time to talk it over . It wasnt long after THE OTHER MOTHER left and the real mother was back as if she had never been away .

Emilys life had changed for ever she had got what she always wanted a loving family and a REAL MOTHER . No more hiding places were needed .

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