Saturday, 29 October 2011

Man in the Room

As your cigarette ash hit the tray
you touch me with one look
I catch you stare away
The smile upon your face
As we sit in this place
fills me with excitement
I hope your not yet another disappointment

The smooth talk coming from your lips
Your perfect nails on your finger tips
Clean shaving neath hair
nice clothes you wear
your too good to be true
It just seems so rare

To Find someone whos ticks all the boxes
Who seems to have it all whos on the ball
Are you my mystery man ? Or are you too good to be true ?
Do i see whose in front of me?  Is it the real you?

We may just explore our path and come what will be
I will be open with you if you are with me

Emptyness Fills my Heart

Eyes are crying
Head is sore
Please please dont slam the door
When you walk out , i wont hear you shout

I turn to see are you walking back in
No sign of you and your silly grin
I think i need you how foolish am I
To need someone whos ignorant and likes to lie

I used to feel alive and happy inside
But all i feel now
Is betrayed and lyed to
What have i done to deserve this

You've left me with nothing
but hatred and one last kiss
Its easy to walk out and never come back
The times i felt like doing it , when you gave me no reason to stay

I shall cry for your absence
now that your gone
farewell to you my sweetheart
go where ever you belong

My shoulders feel lighter
More than ever before
I dont wait anymore
For you to walk through the door

I hold our baby close
I tell her of her father
She will grow up
never knowing you