Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Life inside of me

As I lay on my bed
Relaxed and feeling every kick
The evening before I felt unwell
Couldn’t eat felt sick
Tiredness is all I seem to know these days
Trying to take it easy its all going to be a phase
Hands are hot and swollen
My belly is moving and rolling
I talk to this tiny life inside of me
I know you can hear me
You are the one
I wish I could see
I am scared don’t know what to expect
Oh I need to close my eyes
I am worn out
I am wrecked
This sudden tiredness
I wish it would go away
Please leave me alone
Come back another day
I sleep for awhile
When suddenly i am woking up
To this sudden sharp pain
I need to throw up
Oh please not yet
Your not ready to be born
I have some of my bags packed
This has been going on since the morn
I call out where is the doctor
They have called him he is late
The ambulance arrives before him
I give out rant and rave
The poor nurse she thinks
That I am possessed
I think I need a straight jacket
She needs a bullet proof vest
I can’t explain the pain
It’s like nothing I felt before
I want to scream my head off and shout of loud
Standing around me there is a crowd
The nurse tells me to wait until she tells me to push
I turn to her and smile here is a water gush
She seen it all before it doesn’t bother her anymore
I want to crawl on my hands and knees like a baby on the floor
I am tired and weak
Will this ever stop?
When with one last push
I see a head of dark hair
I almost pass out
I nearly drop
But excitement takes over
Your all mine in my arms
Your cute little soft smile
Your skin so soft and fragile
I know my life will never be the same
Since you were born that day
Since you became who you came
No preparations could get me ready for this
I suppose it mostly always hit and miss
I love you so much
Wouldn’t change you for the world
You are my bundle of joy
You are my world

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Little Voice

Passing along by the church yard
Wondering what lurks behind the stones in front of me
I run as fast as I can
So no ghostly figures see me

The stories that are told of this weird place
This is a place no steps take foot
I wish I had the nerve to walk in
Not run by or stay put

I don’t like been scared
I would prefer to be brave
So as I ran passed I heard someone call me
Oh holy god I thought to myself

This is not going to be my lucky day
Will I run or
Will I see?
Who is calling?
After me

The stories of this place forgotten
Would make the hairs stand
 On the back of your neck
Something rotten

Who’s there I got the courage to say
It’s me the voice proclaimed my way
Show yourself to me this once
This was my only taught my response

Are you sure
You really want to see me
Come out I said
Sure what harm could you be?

Okay said the voice
I hope you understand
It was me all along
When you were lonely that held your hand

Then out of no where a figure it appeared
To my surprise I wasn’t fazed
To my surprise I wasn’t scared
Hello I said how do you do

I am glad you didn’t try
 To run away and hide
So you’re the one I always feel around me at night
When I am trying to sleep
With my eyes shut tight
I am that person that thing you feel there
I honestly didn’t think you would
Know I was there

You’re different than I imagined
You remind me of someone
Please don’t tell anyone you seen me
Or they will take away where I belong

I won’t breathe a word
This will be our little secret
I dare not to share it
I dare not to breathe it

I am glad we have met at this time
You gave me strength when I needed it most
To climb the mountains I had to climb
You came to me just in the nick of time

Your Disguise

Why play these games
Why pretend you don’t my name
I know you know me
I know you remember my name

You are not the person I used to know
You have changed you talk so slow
Some days you are good
Others you’re just doing the best you could

I wish if I could get this one wish granted
Would for your agony to end
For this silence and pain you’re going through
To leave you and act like lets pretend

Let’s pretend this is not real
Let’s pretend like you are the person you were once before
Not the one now trying to escape out the door
Or in the corner crying on the floor

It easy looking from the outside in
You are sitting there looking at me with a huge smile a grin
But could anyone imagine what you are going through
Could anyone imagine the life you have to struggle through?

Time is a healer
You will get better they say
No ones knows if this is true
Something’s just don’t go away

I like to turn to you and hope you will recognise me
I know this is alright for now
As you can still do this beside me
Follow me and imitate me

You try to these things on your own
But sometimes you feel all alone
The lost look it in your eyes
The empty stare you can not disguise

So for today we won’t worry
About what the future might bring
For now I will enjoy
Your wonderful smile and your cheeky grin

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hold my Hand

I can not remember when i first saw you
I only remember i was glad that i did so
I was lonely until you came into my life
You became my secret friend
You held my hand

As I played with my toys you would join in
Help me find the pieces of my puzzles
You made me grin
It felt good to have you there
We would brush my dolls hair

I would bring you everywhere with me
Even tough i was the only one that could see you
It didn’t matter
We had had fun and laughter

One day we were in the furniture shop
My mother called me
Come along now hunny don’t stop
I asked her to wait for you to come too

Poor mother looked at me
And asked bring who?
My friend mammy she is here with me
She played along, she entertained me

I knew by her face
She could see
So I asked her to hold your hand
A test to her sanity

She held out her hand to my friend
And proclaimed her voice come on girls lets pretend
This action made me happy
Even tough she knew this was not real
But for that special moment
She made me happy

As I look back now to that moment in time
I wonder what made me think of you
What made me smile?
I thank you for keeping me company
I hope my daughter gets this opportunity 

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Butterflies Inside

I remember a time
When life was so simple
Things were straight forward
As cute as a dimple on your face

Walking through the fields
Escaping all of our worries
We sit and talk endlessly
I wonder do you still remember me

When you caught my hand
My heart nearly stopped
At first I refused to hold yours back
I nearly fainted nearly dropped

This was nothing like I had felt before
Butterflies in my tummy
I walked on along side you
I tried to ignore

But I knew I felt the same way inside
My emotions were been pushed
To the back of my mind
To a place where I thought they would hide

Soon enough these feelings
I felt deep down inside
Would find there way out
I felt i could trust you
In you I could confide

We sat underneath the old oak tree
The swing right above us
Your hand on my knee
Hands placed together

Loving eyes meet
A glace comes over them
Then comes the stormy weather
Brushing against the purple wild heather

We run as fast as we can
We find shelter in an old rusty van
We jump in the back
Snuggle close from the cold

You then go to kiss me
I don’t mind I feel bold
As you keep me from harm
In your arms so warm and safe

I feel your heart beat fast
I feel our lives entwine
I know we will spend our lives together
As our chemistry combines

Make me feel Good

I feel your moves
I feel your groves
Running along through my fingers
As i brush you along

You're cool and calm
You keep me going
Cold when I touch you
I love you against my lips

You relax my mind
You replace my thirst
I go for you as you
Were there first

Your my delight
My guilty pleasure
Nothing compares to you
Nothing else can measure

So when I need you
I know you will be there
You’re my delight
You’re my guilty pleasure

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Throwing it Away

As i lay amongst the wilted flowers
The sun shines down on me
I think of times gone past
Of what i could of been
Where would i be now
If i took that chance you see
I should of been somebody else
but now i am only me
I had it all the money, cars and happiness
sure what else was left
I put it in the gambling pot
I wasted on a bet
Sure it was a dead cert win
I could not loose
I have a better chance
Of singing the blues
Come on i shouted
Run like the wind
It wasnt to be
I spent all i could spend
I took a risk
Thats the price you pay
When blowing your money
happiness and wealth away
So as i lay here in this field
In the wilted flowers you see
The pot at the end of the rainbow
Doesnt really bother me

Monday, 20 February 2012

Where have you gone

Why do I wait for you to come back
I should walk out now
And never look back
The pain you inflict over and over again

Life is just not the same anymore
Not since you decided to run away
Not since you decided to walk out the door
Leaving my heart torn on the floor

So when the rain falls from the sky
You know im somewhere
Thinking of you
Having a good old cry

I hold your old baggy shirt
It smells of you
I clutch it close
Oh how I wish it was you

They say that times a healer
That I will move on from here
But to forget you after all this time
Just doesn’t seem real somehow

As I turn to watch the waves crash against the rocks
A familiar voice makes me stop
Hello there Kathy
This voice calls to me

I hope and pray when I turn
It is you I see
There you are before my eyes
Eyes so big and blue
A smile to my surprise

You thought about me night and day
You were always on my mind
Oh how I wish I could really touch you
Your memory is all you left behind

I had seen you as clear as day
As if you had never gone away
But it was only my imagination and wondering mind
That captured your image in my memory
How I miss you
You were so kind

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

What do you think

When your laying in your bed at night
 What do you think of
 What makes you blink
 Is it me that keeps you awake

Is it me that made you wonder
 Of what could of been
 Is it me that makes you better
 Or are you just the same

Take a breath
 As if it were your last
 Keep me with you darling
 Make your dreams last

I watch over you
 As you slip away into a sleep
 Not that you will awake again
 But we will meet again some day
So until then my love
 I wrap you in my arms
 Close your eyes
 Now your gone but never forgotton

You will lay your head in a different place
 You will rest easy now
 No fight left to fight
 Good night sleep tight

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Stormy Paths

Move me like a mountain
Shake me like a leave on a tree
Share our lives together
In the here and now

When the rain stops
The sun comes out
Be my knight in shinning armour
Take me in your arms tonight

You rock my world
I hope i move yours too
Two peas in pod
Stuck together like glue

Who needs money
It cant buy my love
Who needs fancy gifts
All we need is each others love

Time is precious
Your my sand in a glass
Im your storm in tea cup
Love like ours will forever last

We will make our memories
Like everyones does
We will carve our path in life
This one with me you have chosen

Lets explore our world together
Lets dance in the rain
Lets make foot prints in sand
And across the mountains plain
We will struggle
But we have each other to help through the troubled times

Friday, 10 February 2012

No Regrets

Wonder what you’re doing
As I am sleeping tonight
All alone with your picture held tight
My mind is a million miles away
Wondering if you’re going to stay

So the dark clouds fill my head and the skies above
I don’t know if I can wait for you my love
I twist and I turn
In my bed at night
I wait for you to call
But no phone call in sight

So where are you my love?
Where have you gone?
You promised me the moon and stars
You promised me you would return

Empty promises
You could not keep
Never mind me
As I lay here and weep

The clock ticks away and so does night and day
Your always on my mind
I hope you feel the same
I don’t know if I can wait around anymore
I don’t know If I want to play your game
Why? Do you make me wait?
I remember where we met
At the old rusty gate
Well it seems now that you don’t need me anymore
You have loved me once
You must not love me you ignore

The apple tree still stands
Where the rusty gate is still
The water well is still there
Across from the old mill

As soon as I was getting over you
A postcard came from oh guess who?
Yes you
Not an explanation or an apology in sight
Not a please take me back
Oh man where is your fight

It is too late now
Time has passed by
I don’t watch the clock anymore
I don’t even cry
Why should I?

Let the memories we once had stay
Where they belong
In the past we had a blast
Don’t loose another like me so fast
Learn from your past

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lit up inside

The feeling I feel is all warm and cuddly

Its one that only certain people get

The happiness and proud feeling

Can’t be explained just yet

Sitting in the crowded room

Smiling and feeling proud

Wanting to shout it from the rooftops

Of this day we share you and I

Emotions are high

The atmosphere is good

The talking goes ahead

You gave all you could

Flashing of the cameras

Clicking away all night

Smiling, having fun on this special night

The music is played the room is alive

We couldn’t be happier for you

You celebrate with your friends

This part of your life is finished now

A new beginning starts again

You’re growing up

You’re a man now

No longer a little boy

But one thing for sure I know

You’re still the apple of my eye

Her freedom exists

Her family feuds have gone on for years

No one was good enough for her

She has done all she can to prove to them

That he is really her man

As much as she tries to talk to them you see

They don’t want to compromise

The feuding family

Or stop the arguments that still exist between the others

He tells his father that this must stop

Nothing will get in his way

Of marrying and been with her

Not even the way he feels that day

His father replies to him now son

You hold on a minute you wait

Don’t use that tone with me don’t you

You will do what I say this day

We will turn our backs on you my son

If you don’t walk away from her

Well if that’s what it takes to keep her with me

Then that’s what I may do

So he packs his things

He walks right out the door that day

He kisses his mother goodbye

For he may never come this way again

She is having this very conversation with her folks

They react the same

She shouts at her father also

Im tired of playing your game

People get hurt she says

You only think of yourselves

What about me and the others

Can’t you see what its doing to me

She shuts the door in anger

She shouts I won’t come back

I don’t need your permission to go

I really won’t be back

They both meet each other

They are ready to leave together

When he says we cant leave like this

It really wouldn’t be fair

We must meet them both together

Make them see sense

Even tough he doesn’t believe his words

He just knows her father doesn’t care

They approach them both together

United as one

They tell of how they will marry

But it won’t be on the run

We want your blessing but don’t expect it

It would be great if you could see

Of how much we love each other

Of what your daughter means to me

One thing is for sure if you don’t acknowledge this moment

You will lose her for good

You will loose the best thing that has happened to you

When you could have changed your way of thinking

And give us your blessing like any parent would

Don’t leave asks mother and his mother agrees

They both see that their children’s happiness

Is more important than their differences

And shakes hands to agree to disagree

Walking the Line

I ask you to set me free

It’s the least you can do for me

I have fought back these thoughts for so long now

I can’t stay here anymore you see

I know you really want me

More than I want you

I know we could make it work

I can’t watch you hurt yourself

Cant watch you go berserk

The person I once knew

Has changed so much

Has turned their back on reality

Doesn’t even go to work

Where will we go from here?

What are we to do?

These questions fill my head that hurts

The pain is all to much

Should I stay so you won’t suffer?

Should I go because that’s what I want?

These feelings fill my tired body

These memories of our past still begin to haunt me

I know in time you

Will forgive and forget

I know that time is not now

I don’t expect it just yet

But when you’re in some one else’s arms

And I am just a drifting thought

You will thank me for setting you free

The line that you have fought

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Dont step on the cracks

As i walk along
the funny looking path
I see there before me
A funny looking crack
oh no i can hear myself

what will i do
will i step on it
or over it
will i catch it with my shoe

It shouldnt really bother me
But its one of those things that does
i find myself saying
walk on walk on it
it wont do any harm

now im not talking about
the smallest ones you see
Im not stepping on the large ones
Incase im sucked out to sea

I was always told never to step on the cracks
for if you do the day will come
you will be paid back in bad luck
and you will have left your unfortunate tracks

Well it ones of those things i suppose
that you will always have to do
like not walking under a ladder
like having to do the lotto too

Imagine your numbers coming out
and you hadnt even done it
beacuse you were worried about the cracks
on the way to the shop
or the man leting the mop fall from above the ladder

I will conquer this old wives tale
it wont get the better of me
ive jumped enough hurdles
to let one little crack bother me