Saturday, 25 February 2012

Butterflies Inside

I remember a time
When life was so simple
Things were straight forward
As cute as a dimple on your face

Walking through the fields
Escaping all of our worries
We sit and talk endlessly
I wonder do you still remember me

When you caught my hand
My heart nearly stopped
At first I refused to hold yours back
I nearly fainted nearly dropped

This was nothing like I had felt before
Butterflies in my tummy
I walked on along side you
I tried to ignore

But I knew I felt the same way inside
My emotions were been pushed
To the back of my mind
To a place where I thought they would hide

Soon enough these feelings
I felt deep down inside
Would find there way out
I felt i could trust you
In you I could confide

We sat underneath the old oak tree
The swing right above us
Your hand on my knee
Hands placed together

Loving eyes meet
A glace comes over them
Then comes the stormy weather
Brushing against the purple wild heather

We run as fast as we can
We find shelter in an old rusty van
We jump in the back
Snuggle close from the cold

You then go to kiss me
I don’t mind I feel bold
As you keep me from harm
In your arms so warm and safe

I feel your heart beat fast
I feel our lives entwine
I know we will spend our lives together
As our chemistry combines

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