Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Dont step on the cracks

As i walk along
the funny looking path
I see there before me
A funny looking crack
oh no i can hear myself

what will i do
will i step on it
or over it
will i catch it with my shoe

It shouldnt really bother me
But its one of those things that does
i find myself saying
walk on walk on it
it wont do any harm

now im not talking about
the smallest ones you see
Im not stepping on the large ones
Incase im sucked out to sea

I was always told never to step on the cracks
for if you do the day will come
you will be paid back in bad luck
and you will have left your unfortunate tracks

Well it ones of those things i suppose
that you will always have to do
like not walking under a ladder
like having to do the lotto too

Imagine your numbers coming out
and you hadnt even done it
beacuse you were worried about the cracks
on the way to the shop
or the man leting the mop fall from above the ladder

I will conquer this old wives tale
it wont get the better of me
ive jumped enough hurdles
to let one little crack bother me

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