Saturday, 4 February 2012

Her freedom exists

Her family feuds have gone on for years

No one was good enough for her

She has done all she can to prove to them

That he is really her man

As much as she tries to talk to them you see

They don’t want to compromise

The feuding family

Or stop the arguments that still exist between the others

He tells his father that this must stop

Nothing will get in his way

Of marrying and been with her

Not even the way he feels that day

His father replies to him now son

You hold on a minute you wait

Don’t use that tone with me don’t you

You will do what I say this day

We will turn our backs on you my son

If you don’t walk away from her

Well if that’s what it takes to keep her with me

Then that’s what I may do

So he packs his things

He walks right out the door that day

He kisses his mother goodbye

For he may never come this way again

She is having this very conversation with her folks

They react the same

She shouts at her father also

Im tired of playing your game

People get hurt she says

You only think of yourselves

What about me and the others

Can’t you see what its doing to me

She shuts the door in anger

She shouts I won’t come back

I don’t need your permission to go

I really won’t be back

They both meet each other

They are ready to leave together

When he says we cant leave like this

It really wouldn’t be fair

We must meet them both together

Make them see sense

Even tough he doesn’t believe his words

He just knows her father doesn’t care

They approach them both together

United as one

They tell of how they will marry

But it won’t be on the run

We want your blessing but don’t expect it

It would be great if you could see

Of how much we love each other

Of what your daughter means to me

One thing is for sure if you don’t acknowledge this moment

You will lose her for good

You will loose the best thing that has happened to you

When you could have changed your way of thinking

And give us your blessing like any parent would

Don’t leave asks mother and his mother agrees

They both see that their children’s happiness

Is more important than their differences

And shakes hands to agree to disagree

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