Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Life inside of me

As I lay on my bed
Relaxed and feeling every kick
The evening before I felt unwell
Couldn’t eat felt sick
Tiredness is all I seem to know these days
Trying to take it easy its all going to be a phase
Hands are hot and swollen
My belly is moving and rolling
I talk to this tiny life inside of me
I know you can hear me
You are the one
I wish I could see
I am scared don’t know what to expect
Oh I need to close my eyes
I am worn out
I am wrecked
This sudden tiredness
I wish it would go away
Please leave me alone
Come back another day
I sleep for awhile
When suddenly i am woking up
To this sudden sharp pain
I need to throw up
Oh please not yet
Your not ready to be born
I have some of my bags packed
This has been going on since the morn
I call out where is the doctor
They have called him he is late
The ambulance arrives before him
I give out rant and rave
The poor nurse she thinks
That I am possessed
I think I need a straight jacket
She needs a bullet proof vest
I can’t explain the pain
It’s like nothing I felt before
I want to scream my head off and shout of loud
Standing around me there is a crowd
The nurse tells me to wait until she tells me to push
I turn to her and smile here is a water gush
She seen it all before it doesn’t bother her anymore
I want to crawl on my hands and knees like a baby on the floor
I am tired and weak
Will this ever stop?
When with one last push
I see a head of dark hair
I almost pass out
I nearly drop
But excitement takes over
Your all mine in my arms
Your cute little soft smile
Your skin so soft and fragile
I know my life will never be the same
Since you were born that day
Since you became who you came
No preparations could get me ready for this
I suppose it mostly always hit and miss
I love you so much
Wouldn’t change you for the world
You are my bundle of joy
You are my world

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