Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Little Voice

Passing along by the church yard
Wondering what lurks behind the stones in front of me
I run as fast as I can
So no ghostly figures see me

The stories that are told of this weird place
This is a place no steps take foot
I wish I had the nerve to walk in
Not run by or stay put

I don’t like been scared
I would prefer to be brave
So as I ran passed I heard someone call me
Oh holy god I thought to myself

This is not going to be my lucky day
Will I run or
Will I see?
Who is calling?
After me

The stories of this place forgotten
Would make the hairs stand
 On the back of your neck
Something rotten

Who’s there I got the courage to say
It’s me the voice proclaimed my way
Show yourself to me this once
This was my only taught my response

Are you sure
You really want to see me
Come out I said
Sure what harm could you be?

Okay said the voice
I hope you understand
It was me all along
When you were lonely that held your hand

Then out of no where a figure it appeared
To my surprise I wasn’t fazed
To my surprise I wasn’t scared
Hello I said how do you do

I am glad you didn’t try
 To run away and hide
So you’re the one I always feel around me at night
When I am trying to sleep
With my eyes shut tight
I am that person that thing you feel there
I honestly didn’t think you would
Know I was there

You’re different than I imagined
You remind me of someone
Please don’t tell anyone you seen me
Or they will take away where I belong

I won’t breathe a word
This will be our little secret
I dare not to share it
I dare not to breathe it

I am glad we have met at this time
You gave me strength when I needed it most
To climb the mountains I had to climb
You came to me just in the nick of time

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