Friday, 10 February 2012

No Regrets

Wonder what you’re doing
As I am sleeping tonight
All alone with your picture held tight
My mind is a million miles away
Wondering if you’re going to stay

So the dark clouds fill my head and the skies above
I don’t know if I can wait for you my love
I twist and I turn
In my bed at night
I wait for you to call
But no phone call in sight

So where are you my love?
Where have you gone?
You promised me the moon and stars
You promised me you would return

Empty promises
You could not keep
Never mind me
As I lay here and weep

The clock ticks away and so does night and day
Your always on my mind
I hope you feel the same
I don’t know if I can wait around anymore
I don’t know If I want to play your game
Why? Do you make me wait?
I remember where we met
At the old rusty gate
Well it seems now that you don’t need me anymore
You have loved me once
You must not love me you ignore

The apple tree still stands
Where the rusty gate is still
The water well is still there
Across from the old mill

As soon as I was getting over you
A postcard came from oh guess who?
Yes you
Not an explanation or an apology in sight
Not a please take me back
Oh man where is your fight

It is too late now
Time has passed by
I don’t watch the clock anymore
I don’t even cry
Why should I?

Let the memories we once had stay
Where they belong
In the past we had a blast
Don’t loose another like me so fast
Learn from your past

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