Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Stormy Paths

Move me like a mountain
Shake me like a leave on a tree
Share our lives together
In the here and now

When the rain stops
The sun comes out
Be my knight in shinning armour
Take me in your arms tonight

You rock my world
I hope i move yours too
Two peas in pod
Stuck together like glue

Who needs money
It cant buy my love
Who needs fancy gifts
All we need is each others love

Time is precious
Your my sand in a glass
Im your storm in tea cup
Love like ours will forever last

We will make our memories
Like everyones does
We will carve our path in life
This one with me you have chosen

Lets explore our world together
Lets dance in the rain
Lets make foot prints in sand
And across the mountains plain
We will struggle
But we have each other to help through the troubled times

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