Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Throwing it Away

As i lay amongst the wilted flowers
The sun shines down on me
I think of times gone past
Of what i could of been
Where would i be now
If i took that chance you see
I should of been somebody else
but now i am only me
I had it all the money, cars and happiness
sure what else was left
I put it in the gambling pot
I wasted on a bet
Sure it was a dead cert win
I could not loose
I have a better chance
Of singing the blues
Come on i shouted
Run like the wind
It wasnt to be
I spent all i could spend
I took a risk
Thats the price you pay
When blowing your money
happiness and wealth away
So as i lay here in this field
In the wilted flowers you see
The pot at the end of the rainbow
Doesnt really bother me

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