Saturday, 4 February 2012

Walking the Line

I ask you to set me free

It’s the least you can do for me

I have fought back these thoughts for so long now

I can’t stay here anymore you see

I know you really want me

More than I want you

I know we could make it work

I can’t watch you hurt yourself

Cant watch you go berserk

The person I once knew

Has changed so much

Has turned their back on reality

Doesn’t even go to work

Where will we go from here?

What are we to do?

These questions fill my head that hurts

The pain is all to much

Should I stay so you won’t suffer?

Should I go because that’s what I want?

These feelings fill my tired body

These memories of our past still begin to haunt me

I know in time you

Will forgive and forget

I know that time is not now

I don’t expect it just yet

But when you’re in some one else’s arms

And I am just a drifting thought

You will thank me for setting you free

The line that you have fought

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