Monday, 20 February 2012

Where have you gone

Why do I wait for you to come back
I should walk out now
And never look back
The pain you inflict over and over again

Life is just not the same anymore
Not since you decided to run away
Not since you decided to walk out the door
Leaving my heart torn on the floor

So when the rain falls from the sky
You know im somewhere
Thinking of you
Having a good old cry

I hold your old baggy shirt
It smells of you
I clutch it close
Oh how I wish it was you

They say that times a healer
That I will move on from here
But to forget you after all this time
Just doesn’t seem real somehow

As I turn to watch the waves crash against the rocks
A familiar voice makes me stop
Hello there Kathy
This voice calls to me

I hope and pray when I turn
It is you I see
There you are before my eyes
Eyes so big and blue
A smile to my surprise

You thought about me night and day
You were always on my mind
Oh how I wish I could really touch you
Your memory is all you left behind

I had seen you as clear as day
As if you had never gone away
But it was only my imagination and wondering mind
That captured your image in my memory
How I miss you
You were so kind

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