Friday, 29 June 2012

Crossing Waters

As he stared up at the moon
Through his telescope of bare
He wondered just exactly
What was out there

Where do I belong
In the strange streets of the night
Where do I fit in
Where on earth is my fight

His heart was fast flowing
With lyrics on his tongue
His yearning notes
Just played with him
Trying to achieve his song

Dry throat
He needed something
To help his ache away
When down his telescope fell
Almost taken everything in it way

Hey she shouted from down low
What the hell are you playing at
As her words left her mouth
Out strolled a rather large black cat

Lucky for some
Not for others
As the myth goes
Mind the cat of black
That turns up when it glows

Explain yourself
What are you doing
He apologised once again
So quiet was he so gentle
His heart still flowing
Still melting

As she passed on her way
She was all he could think of
She was inside his head
As he laid down for a nights sleep
He couldn’t get her out of his head

As morning broke his window closed
His rush to work took over him
As he ran out the door to catch a cab
He ran into her again

What watch out she shouted
Oh it is you again she said
I’m so sorry
I didn’t mean it
I only have just rolled out of bed

Listen its okay
You’re all right
Don’t be silly
As she looked on into his eyes so bright

As their paths did cross
So many times
Gave his heart more
Melting chimes

Oh the Weather

Submerged in clouds
That hangs around in the grey
Understanding no not them
They are ruining your day

Leaving us feeling
Not quite ourselves
Hoping that cloud bursts
Will hide away back on shelves

Carrying me off
To where the skies are blue
Where nothing else moves
But the clouds that are few

Shadowing trees
With coconuts
Clear waters running
Filling our thirst

Pools that hear laughter
Instead of puddles that feel pain
Oh no here it is again
So the weather man is saying
Yes ladies and gentleman
More rain more rain

A hammock would be nice
To sleep and rest through
Instead may make do with a blanket
Or a soft pillow too

Fire been lit
In the back ground half blowing candle wick
Hot air cold air
Just cant sleep

Maybe tomorrow
The sun will try to peep
Climbing out through the rolling clouds up high
Turning grey into blue
As hard as it may try

Whispering Eyes

Whispers on streams
Moon light beams
Circle filled moon
Man in the room

Stepping stones laid out
Across water wondering about
Twinkling huntsmen
Hear them shout

She races and runs
Hides underneath
The tree that gives shelter
Barely covering her feet

Night time brings wildlife
And wonder all about
Peaking eyes through trees and bushes
Of interesting wilderness

Holding back
All eyes on her
She is frightened
All alone

But tries to be brave
Not wanting to show
Fear of her own self
From before

Her dress catching the dirt
As she clung to the ground
Everywhere all she heard was sound
Even hearing her own heart pound

When finally exhaustion
Took over
She was fast asleep
In between the four leaf clover

When all the eyes see
How she looked so peacefully
They were curious
Coming closer

Wondering who she was
Lying asleep
Worn out

She looks sad
We will look out for her
She will not notice us
She is a beautiful goddess

When finally she woke up
To find them around her asleep
Wanting to scream out
But no one could hear

Don’t be scared
We want to help
What? How?
Holy cow

I am shocked how this can be
How can you possibly speak to me
We can how can I hear you
Can you understand me

Yes my dear
What seems to be the matter
With you
Well that is along story
We have time tell us of your journey

Thursday, 28 June 2012


Post cards in the sun
Hearing stories from home
Oh what fun
Lying on the beach
Covered in continental breeze

As I told my dear friend
Of his shinning eyes
Covered by a wonderful smile
She almost fainted
To my surprise

Oh he sounds a dream
I laughed so much
I almost screamed
Put on some more sun screen

The heat had gone to her head
She was a funny shade of burnt orange red
Blonde was her hair
She once was fair

Sounds like all is well at home
Mothers using the words well on the farm
Father is like a rolling machine
Never gives up
Never gives in

Oh I wish they could be here
Do you really said my friend from afar
Looking up to give her eyes a break
Catching her eyes
Was she making a mistake

There he is
The boy from home
Well she nearly broke my back
Jumping up so hard

Oh right over there
Beside the beach bar
Oh I see what you mean
He surely is a dream
Well if you don’t want him
I will go over
And see what will happen

Hands off now
He is mine for the taking
Keep that in your mind dear
Rushing off just in case

Tip toeing over to him
Hello what are you doing here
I have been offered a new job
In my chosen career

Really that’s great
Would you like to show me around
She said is this a date
What happens next is in their fate 

River bank Tales

Wondering eyes
Solid lips
Skipping over
Sea bed ships

Wondering hands
Sand driven bands
Cold clammy hands
Winters replacing summer

Ferns pop up from
The riverside
Gulls rush overhead
Crickets clicking sounds

Wild flowers
Watch where they grow
Carried by wild birds
Maybe the crow

Flying swooping
Overhead like the drifting snow
Putting on a performance
Putting on a show

Festivals in the air
Concerts play out
Music is everywhere
Laughter contagious

Waterfalls tiny but a delight
We watch how
It drifts over like a poetical
Of glow

Hugging trees
Bash slightly together
Ringing silence in our ears
Hungry men
Like wild bears

Dancing music fill our lives
With cheer
Watching over the current rivers
Catching fish for mothers dinner

Table set oh so neatly
Waiting for the gang
To burst through the door
Each one chatting away
As she stands back proudly

Of her loved ones
Talking about their journey
Of how they ventured off to explore
Catching smiles
As she washes off the dinner plates
They want to ignore


Relaxed in his study
Sheltered from the weather
He would remember
The words of his mother

Teach yourself
All you need to know
It will help
Develop prosper and grow

As he flicked the pages
Of yet another book
This one really had him

Almost as if he was apart of it
It told the story of a man
Who had to fight for all
He wanted to stay fit

When the roads where closed
He never gave in
He pushed back the barriers
Using all his strength with in

As each cell of his mind
Opened up to the world outside
He learned all he could
Taking all that he would need

But life would have to be lived
Nothing in any book
Could give him life skills
Locked away
Under the key

Sheltered away
From reality
His mother’s words
Were filled with good intentions

She did not mean
Keep others at arms length
Preventing him from

So as the hardest of roads
He would walk
He began his journey
To challenge himself
To discover the details
Of what lay undiscovered

As he filled his feet
With his fathers shoes
Life would never be the same
He would be playing his own game 

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Pulling Petals

He loves me
He loves me not
Never knowing
What you had
Until you have lost the lot

Wondering did he miss her
As much as she missed him
Thinking that he did
Made her fill up inside
With a smile

She took each petal
Pulled it with care
Would he ring her
No one else can replace him
No else can compare

Wishing as the petals
Hit the empty floor
As the songs played out on the radio
Each one reminded her of him

Why is it always the way
She thought to herself
When someone splits up
Everything reminds you of them

Hope filled her mind
Empty was her heart
It was full of heartache
Not knowing where to start

As she packed up the last
Of her belongings
A picture fell to the floor
It was one of both of them

As she turned it over
Broken glass everywhere
Shattered like her emotions
Leaving behind its scar

Picking out the pieces
Like the petals just before
A knock came to the house
Of the back of the empty floor

Oh please let it be him
No it was the taxi man
As she cried out even more
Will I take your bags

Yes please she said so low
As she sat in the back
Drive me to this place
A figure stood at the door

Of their old place
It was him he knocked and knocked it down
But she was gone for ever now
She had left town

He sat in a hopeless heap
Filled with sadness indeed
Wishing he could of called sooner
He would of gone with her

Their paths never crossed
They never met again
But as she pulled the petals
Of all the other men
He done the same
No one else compared

Farewell not Goodbye

Leaving home
Going it alone
Never thinking this day
Would come

She had to let him go
Wondering how he would
Get on in the world
On his own

Would he be able to survive
With out her lending hand
He last days with her
Were like sand in an hour glass

It was not easy to cut the apron strings
But she knew with every year
There are new beginnings
He was well on his way

He could cope
With any thing that would
Come his way
She knew he would be okay

It was herself that would not
Be able to let go
After nurturing him for so long now
How the years passed by
As tears filled her eye lash fall

The day had come
She had dropped him off
Where he depart
Where he would break her heart

But this was only farewell
Not even goodbye
Sure he was the apple
Of his caring loving mothers eye
Keep safe stay warm
Do not get in trouble
She did warn
Know we are here
For what ever you may need
Just phone us any time day or night
Don’t be a stranger indeed

I will he promised as his flight
Took him away
A mother’s son had left her
In total heartache that day

She wept for him
Tears similar to when he was born
Cutting the cord
Is not easy to do
He would know someday
How hard it is to do

Wooden Platforms

Walking across wooden platforms
Walking in their shoes
May seem so easy to do
Wondering eyes willing you to loose

Task is your goal
Filling your soul
Understanding you can do
Knowing you can have it all

As the smell of roses
Fill your very being
Wafting your senses
Peeking up from worn out fences

Timber laths making temporary paths
Using half shoe laces feet
Not trying to fall underneath
As you rush to save them

Tall trees wait to applaud
They want you to make it over
Never giving up
Never looking over

A barely suspended bridge it is
Others wouldn’t dare
To walk its ridge
Scared of falling
Thrown over with no care

You are brave you do it well
With tiny drops of heat
Falling from your head
When finally you make it
To the other side

Voices shout out
You fill them all with pride
So Mr Adventure man
Take your stand
And fill your heart with smiles

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sea Life

Feeling free
Standing by the screaming sea
Engulfed in its arms
Mesmerized by its charms

Crashing of the tides
Rolling waves
Come on come on
Leave your mark on the land
Moving brown broken sand

Filling my heart
With beautiful words
Scratched on paper
So thin pencil is nearly there

Like beating drums
In tune to the rhythm
To the birds that fly over head
Sheltering fish
That swims between

Many smells and sounds
Some familiar some not so
Sea gulls flying over head
Trying to go down low

Wind had changed the trees direction
Looking for which way it blows
Is like watching a really good show
They always aim the same way

As darkness falls
And the moon light fills the skies
Waiting fishermen
Tired and worn wait for their bait

Watching with all their might
Tackle for the food
Depending on it
Looking all stuffed up
Looking fit

Armour of clothing
Is their fill
Fishing from dawn till break
Is their pill

Pebbles fill with salty water
Nothing else would alter
As shells are washed up from the sea floor
Children look for them
Ready to explore 

Tear Drop

Tick tock
Goes her inner clock
Workings that can never be undone
A smile that can be hard to be won

She silenced them with a tear drop
Washing it away with a harsh mop
Lingering silence still
Stood the air

Wondering eyes
What could compare
Legs chased all away
As she ran through her race

Running like the wind
Like lightening at speed
Others that knew her would have agreed
Sowing herself but not a single seed

Set me free
As free as a bird
Not a sound do I want to hear
Is what she said out loud

Leave the past in past
Looking forward
Moving on
Not knowing where
She did belong

She ran on like thunder
Singing her own song
Trying to get the words right
Not wanting to get hem wrong

Owing nothing to no one
Only to herself
Never say sorry
Never apologise for anything

Tare them roads up
Wanting to achieve one last thing
Her heart began to her own beat
As her ankles wanted to cave in
Give in

She crossed her own line
She was a winner
Who finally won
Nothing could take this away
Her tear had dried up
Replaced with a knees up

Waiting for the Call

Looking as he sat in the harbour hall
Up on the decks of his call
He just laid back and relaxed
Waiting for his day

Days went by
They seemed so long
He painted his fences
With coloured old paint

His mind was always else where
Almost missing his place to print
He turned to her and
Gave her a wink

She helped out
She walked by everyday
Taking note of his work
Making sure to remind him

As he stroked each part with a single
Perfect line
Almost in sync
With a beautiful perfect rhyme

The phone started to ring
Mother shouted out to him
It is time for you to go
Said the other voice on the phone

His face lit up
He was almost beside himself
A job he been waiting for
Was there for him to go

But as he said his goodbyes
One person he didn’t get to see
Was the beautiful girl that helped
He looked everywhere but she had left

Where is she gone
He never knew
Only when he got there
Waiting for something new
As his plane arrived
He dreamt of what would be
As he landed
He never realised he would ever see

As the new staff got together
Introduced to one another
There she was
The lady who had caught his eye
The girl of the farm
Playing eye spy

She stood shocked
Never ever thinking
They would meet again
Never give up hope
They both shared a life together
Their life through a telescope

Feeling her Pride

She wore her clothes
She wore them well
They clenched her skin
So very now and then

Image was her thing
Looking her best
Feeling good within
Cover up her secret sin

Which dress will she wear today
Which one makes me feel good
Which one brightens up her day
This one she bought yesterday

Its layers were just like her
So many had a story to tell
She covered them up so well
Life has its pathways of never kiss and tell

She danced to a song
She lit up the room
He turned to her and said
You look wonderful tonight

She looked at him
As if to say
It is all in your head
Not believing a single word he said

Later as time past
She got to know him better
And her layers began
To decrease

She started to trust him more
She started to believe in herself
Not a single layer she wore
That one single night

Feeling good in herself
Nearly gave herself a fright
She now had something
She never had before
He gave her an inner voice
More beautiful than before

Love yourself my dear he said
Look inside yourself
You are your own person now
You are the only one that can help

She turned and thanked him
For filling her life with praise
She knew that some day she would marry this man
From the warm sunny days

Fighting Gladiator

A fighting gladiator
A woman of the fight
She won many wars
She won the right

Protecting the poor
Taking from the rich
She would steal a mans heart
With in an inch

Taking him off guard
She knew how to use her charms
Covering him
With her muscle torn arms

Shielding herself
Looking so hard
She used her swords of metal
To catch her enemy off guard

Tight clothing grasped her all
Men stopped and were in her honour
She had it all
She held out her hand to those
Would have nothing to give

Feeding the poor from
What ever way she could
As she walked away from battle
After battle

One day could give no more
She was taken off shore
Giving up her fight
Nothing left to give

Eyes closed in
Everything she had lived
Time had caught up with her
She was no longer
A woman of youth

Grey hair filled her head
And pain filled her bones
As she lay for the tide to
Take her away
She had done all that she could

Everyone that she helped
Had wished her on her way
As she closed her eyes
For one last time that day

The queen of the night
Had fought her last fight
Life that she had given
She made everyone else’s life
Worth living

Hear my Song

Playing her piano
All day long
Wanting to get it right
Playing her own song

Following through
Her dreams too
Wondering out her long lost
Thoughts she knew

This was only a figment
Of her wondering mind
Never to be true
Who knew

She sat in her tied up hair
Sitting on her tiny black chair
Playing on her notes
Swirling around her black keys

Someone sing along with me
Please oh please
All alone
No one to join in

When finally opening up a letter
That had come that day before
She was afraid to open then
She threw it on the table next door

Rattling understanding
The stamp on the front
She was nervous in side
She didn’t was to get hurt

Open it she thought to herself
After all you never know
Yes she shouted out
With no regret

It was news of her acceptance
To the music college she always wanted
She was smiling from head to toe
She know finally she would go
Ringing everyone to let them know

But no one answered no one heard
She did not mind
She was excited
When she played
In college that year

The most beautiful music
Anyone had ever heard
She was fulfilled
Finally someone to sing her song
An audience filled
With people to sing along 

Tied to Himself

He lay there with vines as his shackles
He could not move
He was tied up
In the trees grooves

Wrapped around him
His hair tied tight
Unable to free himself
Unable to squeeze through

His arms were marked
Red to the skin
Tattooed within
Like stained tin

Screaming out release me
No one heard his cries
He felt salty tears
Replace his fears

His ankles worn
Hanging down
Worry filled his mind
How can I hide

As the shadows
Flew past him
Not knowing if they seen
His vainly skin

Shutting off his feelings
Black replaced his light
Nothing left
He had no fight

Something came along
Not the darkness of the night
But a tiny sparkle of twinkling light
Holding on to his tears

Rushing power
Through his body
Giving him back
Some thing that was right

Engulfed with fire in his heart
He knew he could do it now
He had a new start
His brain was functioning better
He now was working and smart

Break me free
He shouted out
Let be me
Let me find a way out

When he was finally there
The shadows of darkness
Began to disappear
His hair was free

From the shackles
Of this place
Back there
He could be more
Than he could have been

Throwing back his hair
He caught a glimpse of himself
As he smiled back he knew
I can finally be myself
Just like you



Best friends are there for one another
Always standing side by side
Never hiding their feelings
Never hurting each other inside

They hold each others hands through life
Whether it is friendship husband or wife
They listen to each other
Through the good times and the bad

They understand when you are down
When you are sad
They take the time
To make sure you have everything you need

They don’t run away
They don’t fill their greed
A shoulder to cry on
A ear to listen to

A friend can be your guide in life
We all need one too
If you’re lucky enough to have a good friend
Hold on to them

Even after the years pass by
They will still be there
Offer them the same back
A hood to cover their hard times

A lending hand too
Offer them your time
As they have offered to you
But most of all be there

When things are just as they are
Understand who they are
Do not try to heighten up the
Friendship bar

Wrap your arms around them
Let them know you’re always there
Show them comfort
Show them you care

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Pretty in Pink

Never put all your eggs in one basket
Her grand mother once said
She remembered these words so clearly
They stuck in her head

She lived each day to the full
Her days were so busy
She was always on the move
Her life was far from dull

She decided it was time
To take her grand mother old bike
Out of the shed
It was a pretty pink one
Reflecting sparkles in between

It has been years since
I rode a bike
Oh my goodness
What am I like

As she rolled up flower shop
And bought what she wanted
She filled her basket that day
With wonderful pink flowers

On her way
She had to pass that huge hill
This was her only way home
She cycled up it as if going no where

But it was worth it
When she finally reached the top
Almost out of breath
She did not know it yet

As she looked down
A long strip of road
Waited for her
To cycle by
For her to glide

She said to herself
Oh well here goes
Pushing her feet in
Curling up her toes

She let herself free
The bike done the rest
She went at speed
What a trill she felt

Not braking once
Just in case
It was like she was challenging herself
Like she was in a race

When she came to the end
Her hair was everywhere
But she was so happy
She just didn’t care

Now she knew
What her grand mother meant
With all her old sayings
She meant to enjoy l
Do not worry
Live and love life

Heart of Wonder

If every road contained a heart
If every crack we could prevent
Fill the emptiness
With some cement

Carry your feelings
Hold them inside
Sometimes it is easier
Than having them
Fly away and glide

Like leaves on the tree
Been pulled by the wind
Nothing left
But an empty hard frozen spell

Understand where it is
You want them to go
Do not wait for the love
To come and go

When the snow has settled
And the sun is hidden away
Do not shelter your feelings
Get them out today

Bottling them up can seem
Like the right thing to do
Opening up can sometimes
Be much easier who knew

With butterflies in your tummy
And a bounce in your step
One day you will get there
Just take your time
And then leap

In to a world
Of opening up
Not bottling it up inside
Feel free as a bird in flight
Be your own self
Fly your own kite 

Free Grace

Lying in position
Lying on the floor
They cried out and applauded
They wanted more

She danced her heart out
She moved so gracefully
She forgot all that was around her
She was in her own world

The music played on
She filled the floor
Like an elegant flower
Opening up
Beauty you can not ignore

Learning from all the mistakes
She had made before
She was focused this time
Not wanting to feel
Her injury anymore

As he arms tightened in
And her legs turned right in
She was a light of silhouette
Gleaming on the stage floor

Then up she threw out her last jump
Making sure she glided where
She wanted to end her show

As she lay back down
In the position
Where she began
The crowd were on their feet
Clapping out so loudly

She peeped up to see
Are they really congratulating me
Surprised by the reaction
She knew she had done well
She no longer lived scared
Alone in her shell  

Saturday, 23 June 2012

In Disguise

I have got to get out of these clothes fast before he returns.  He must not know that this is the way i clean the house all day.  I know when he leaves i am in my perfect cardigan that his mother once knitted and that skirt down to my knees.  I wish he would leave me to be myself but he doesn’t know this is who i am when he is not around.  So wearing tight jeans and my tank top makes me feel like a woman a real woman.  I feel like my skin can breath and open up to all that surrounds my very presence.  Why can’t he see it from where i stand but alas he won’t ever understand.  He was brought up in a household that was more like a convent or military barracks.  Everyone had their place and this was mine. 

I would blare the music to the heavens when he would leave.  It was brilliant and I felt the freedom embrace my very soul.  It was if it was lifting me off to another world.  I often felt like a preacher’s wife.  I really had to make the most of this time i was open to this new world.  I often walked around in nothing but a t-shirt just to feel more freedom.  Cleaning the windows with a white linen cloth i caught a reflection of myself in the glass.  Who is the person looking back?  It was like i had never seen her before.  I looked so different my light was switched on and the old me was tidied away in the cupboard with all the other old dusty worn out items.  I admired the birds flying and often wished it was me flying to my freedom.  As I took the mats from the old wooden knotted floor boards i noticed one was loose.  At first i was abit scared to look.  He did not like me snooping or having a mind of my own.  What the hell i thought to myself.  I want to see what this is underneath if anything was.  So i opened up the already gap in the boards and seen something strange in a brown sack.  I found this strange but proceeded to take it out and open it up.  Oh I wonder what it is?  Images and ideas filled my head.  As I opened it items of clothing fell from the sack.  Tight pants and torn shirt with a saucy brand on it.  What are these i thought to myself? Where did these come from?

So I decided to keep them a secret but before I could get them back under the floorboards he came through the door.  I didn’t hear you come in dear.  What are you doing? He asked.  Nothing my dear. It doesn’t look like nothing.  What have you got there I seen he was nervous and had a look on his face as if he knew.  Alright you want me to show you what are these?  What is what he exclaimed?  By the way what are you wearing I was just about to ask you the very same thing.  This is not who you are.  Well it seems i don’t know who you really are either. What do you mean he said?  I mean are these clothes belonging to you? Have you been hiding them on me? I was about to ask you the very same thing?  I never knew you did this when i was gone.  That’s the problem you never seem to know anything about me.  I have to hide who I really am because you want me to be this other person.  No i don’t this is the idea you seem to have us and this house and that’s why i hid who I was.  I guess we are both hiding who we are. 

They both looked at each other and laughed.  What are we both like?  All this time we have been acting like strangers and wearing a mask.  We could of just been the people we wanted to be all along.  He grabbed her tight jeans and placed his hard working hands around her soft gentle hips.  He placed his lips on hers and gently kissed her.  She smelt of dusty housework and lilac flowers but he didn’t mind he had the woman he loved and her curvy behind.  She ran her hands through his soft curls and held his chest close to her heart almost encased in his heart. 


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Walking By

Looking at him
From steps up high
He almost caught her looking
At him, she just let out a sigh

Did he see me
She thought to herself
Oh if he did
I will die of embarrassment

Walking along
She felt the heat of the warm sun
Wondering will he follow
Will he come

No sign of him
He was gone out of sight
She felt a smile cross her face
Like a child lit up inside

Walking along
Taking other images in
When suddenly
There he was again

He had caught her off guard
This time he seen her look
He turned and smiled
With a twinkle in his eyes

Oh please let him walk by
And not notice me
She said to herself
So quietly

As he was about to pass her by
He asked her for directions
He wanted to know the way
She was surprised taken back
Oh you just go around there

He thanked her
As she was about to walk again
He asked her would she like to have a chat
And maybe a coffee too

That would be nice
She said in a soft humble voice
After that they came there so many times again
Meeting place became their
Wedding palace

Mountains Call

With every event in life
There are mountains to climb
Before you know it
Your there on time

Some mountains are easier to move
While others just seem
To stand still
Others give us such a thrill

Hurt and wounded
They can be the ones
That never seem to leave
Always with you
How ever you perceive them

Target in sight
You have the fight
To push them to the back
Of your worn out mind
Struggling on
Leaving the negatives behind

Meeting others head on
Can be sometimes
The only way
Things get done

When one dies and fades away
Others just come crashing
Against you tired worn out feet
Pile them up one by one
Figuring out
Which one and where it belongs

Listening to your inner voice
Staring most of them in the eye
Others pile up and make you cry
Carrying them can be heavy
Others can ware you down
They can make you tire

Listen to the mountain
That is built into
The framework of your heart
Sort that out first
Then every thing else
Will not fall apart

Music Man

He played all day
He played all night
He played in his sleep
He was as free as a kite

Music gave him pleasure
Music set him free
Music was in his bones
Music was more than a hobby

Standing in front of a crowd
Took over him
He loved to see them dance
Enjoying themselves and singing

Strumming his guitar
As if he was playing from afar
He played it in his back yard
In his run down old car

As he sat on the beach
Every thing standing still
He played out a tune
People joined in
They would sing

In no time
The circle had moved in
He was like the magnetic
Source of musical mind

As he played the last tune
He laid his guitar down
To watch the sun go down

Now he can be seen
Playing his guitar
All over town
In the streets
In the bars
On his own
In his run down old car

Day Dreaming

Lying in the edge of the rivers bank
Leaning up against it
Like in a large fish tank
She swirled her finger around
Nothing underneath
Not a single sound

As swirls of circles
Formed around her
She didn’t know where to go
Will I just stand here
And watch them go
Will I swim on a little more

Tiny dancing crystals
Of light hit it down
Pulling it away
Taking it from round
Exposing her heart pound

She gasped for air
As she popped up from under the water
Brushing back her hair with her hands
Moving against the current so hard

She let it hold her in place
She swam as if she was in a race
Pushing herself to go more
While going so much
She stopped to explore

As she stood on a huge rock
To dive back in
Eyes appeared from deep within
She was scared at first
What is it
She thought out loud

Suddenly it became clear
It was only a little green frog
He jumped up on the rock
That she had dived from

She was shocked
She was shaken overcome
Ah looking closely at him
She said aren’t you a cute little guy
He said do you think
Was his reply

What did you just talk
This can not be
Yes I did
Oh yes it was me

How listen I can talk
But you don’t listen
You do be too busy chatting
To understand
What I have to say
So I have found my frog
Will you turn into a prince
If I kiss you

No don’t be silly
First comes the talking
Magic may happen some day
Sure give it a go and we will see
As she puckered up
To kiss the frog

Opening her eyes
She finally realised
He was never there
She had just got carried away
On that warm sunny day

Fallen Star

The moon struck the lake
On which he was taking a day off
He was gone all day
He just needed to get away

He had been fishing but
Caught nothing but a chill
He did not mind
This was his escape
His happy pill

He sat and watched all the stars
When all of a sudden
A star fell across the sky
He quickly wished on it
Closing his eyes tight

He had wished for something to happen
He surely did not know
What was about to uncover his thoughts
Would make his emotions show

A sudden splash
He seen right in front of him
He did not know what to do
He thought it was a fish that had tugged his line

Nothing else happened for awhile
Then out of know where he seen a light
It filled the lake
Like a whirlpool of fire

He was frightened
And helpless
Not knowing
What to do

When suddenly he was dragged
Down below
His was twirling and twisting
Like a vortex of show
Then he was gone
No where in sight
He was aware of all he seen
Nature that lay down in between

She came up to meet him
This wonderful light
Come with me
As she guided him along the way
What was happening to him that day

He held her hand
As she took him along the sea bed sand
We are nearly there
She somehow told him

It was like she was inside his mind
Not been able to talk
He was entwined
He suddenly seen all that she wanted him to see

Another world
He could never see
She took him to an island
Where he would never age
He would not have to live
Like a trapped human in a fast working cage

He asked her to tell him
Who she was
I am the one
Sent from the stars above

Why did you bring me here
To see that there is more
Than what you imagined
That was always there

This is where you belong
Singing me that wonderful beautiful song
He sang to her and she sang along
He loved that he felt like he belonged

As he lay down beside her
On the broken sand
What an unusual land
He closed his eyes
He was drifting off to sleep
When he woke

He felt all weak
He had a journey
Like never before
He was almost knocking on heavens door
He was back on the boat
Shook by what he had seen
But glad it was only a dream  

Written on the Wall

As they looked
At the writing on the wall
What could it teach them
Could it teach them anything at all

Inscriptions of the past
How long would they last
As they have stood for thousands of years
Travellers from all over
Come to see their wares

Standing in a small lit room
Their diaries of the life back then
Told them all
Like life size words
In picture quality

Portrays of illustrated workings
Of the peoples way of then
What were these people living through
Was it a simpler lifestyle for men and women

With tunnels and rooms
Of clues all around
Some undiscovered
For the roof could fall in

Built up high for the eyes to see
Stepping stairs to the top
Hidden treasures
Only for their hearts once be

So as we go and see
All that is there
Remember to honour who these people were
Respect their journey and writings on the wall
Gravity of them
Lifting something so large
Took thousand of men

Working hard for all their worth
Not stopping until
They completed this work
It must have hurt

Waterfalls in the Sky

Rolling of the thunder filled skies
She threw her eyes up
Bolts of lightening flashed back
Reflecting the clouds that formed

As she walked on her way home
She felt something grasp her
Like a hand of might
This gave her a terrible fright

It took her off her feet
At first she thought
She was going to be
Taken by some strange heat

When out of no where
She was pulled up in to the dark filled air
As if she was flying
How can this be
Help me she shouted this is not fair

She thought her time had come
She thought she was going up
When suddenly she stopped
She was whisked in to the candy floss

Standing alone
No one in sight
All that she seen
Was an open water fall

This must be were we get our rain from
As she walked closer
She seen it pour down
As if through a sieve

The clouds had tiny holes
In them that made this happen
She could not believe
What she seen

I must be dreaming
Pinching herself to see
Could this be really happening
To little old me

She was feeling a real thirst
She wanted to taste it
To help her curse
As she thought this is what she had

As she went to taste it
She looked in and saw
The earth below
Wonderful scenery
It made a rainbow glow

It was like she was in another land
The water felt so good
As she looked over where the water flowed
It danced over rocks so bare

This must be the sound of thunder
I heard today
She thought to herself
And the rainbow colours must flash
To make the lightening that almost
Threw me to the ground

She lay down to sleep
And rest that day
When she woke up
She was back down below
A journey she had taken that day
What will happen tomorrow
It is always another day  

Illuminating Candles

Coloured trees standing around this field
Standing like illuminating candles
Of yesterday of many years
Pulled back behind
Some are hard to see

Hanging down
The red tiny buds
Catch your eyes
Like tiny miniature spies

As they fall to the ground below
Like droplets of snow
Dusting the green
Covering it in a beautiful scene

Some blow with the wind
As they patch the empty gaps
Like natures pattern traps
Closing in perhaps

As he walks to discover
What lies in the back
He is surprised by
What looks like a rather large crack

As he gets closer
He can see the bark
Has opened up
Its seeping sack

As life fills it down below
Like marching soldiers
Gathering tow in tow
Lined up in each row

Crisp is the air
That traps his vision
Taking images
Trying to take it all in
He now knows where to begin

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Valley Between

Sheltered in a cave
They ran in from the rain
As butterflies flew down to do the same
As clouds filled dark skies grey

Tall grass stood tall below
Daisies barely popping their heads up
To say hello
Scorched nettles were of rustic red
Nestled together
Like a sea of red

Sun flowers far off in the distance
Waving as the wind passed by
Seeded black centre
Like a massive pupil of your eye

Her flowered dress captured all
That was happening around
She was blending in
To the background

Birds chased each other
To look for shelter too
Stopping along the way
To make sure
Everyone was accountable too

They found lady birds clinging
Close together
Nestled up away from
The cold damp weather

As they sat and waited for it to pass
The whispers of the wind
As it blew a song
Through the blades of dark green grass

When after some rest
As the clouds pulled back their curtains
They decided it was time to go
Before another shower
Would stop them

Off they went down the track
Remembering that day well
Printed in their diaries
When sitting on the porch with the family
They had a great story to tell them indeed

Spreading his Lust

He stood back
Letting all the ladies in
Sitting in a fountain
He was full of sin
Not really what you would call
A gentle man

He was more of a player
A man full of lust
Not one you could ever trust
You would go with him
Only for his rap pore and dangerous looks

If one man had power
Then he had the power of three
He knew how to get the attention
Of every lady

He had a smile
That would melt
The strongest of hearts
He was a true Casanova
He was no push over

With his dark big brown melting eyes
His tanned skin
Faintly covered with a close cut shave
He was tall and looked so well
As he passed each girl
Took on his wonderful smell

If he was one of the deadly sins
He was certainly lust
But remember ladies
Not a man you can trust

As he pasted each mirror
Catching a reflection of himself
He stopped hearts along the way
Like some paradise sky

Painting a picture of him
Words can not say
He just took your breath away
Leaving you helpless in his pathway

Just for one moment
He had it all
He wished he had her
He wished she would call
But she knew what he was like
She did not want to climb
She did not want to take on this hike

So his tension spread out in the room
As she walked away
His empty eyes
Wanted her more than
Clouds wanted to fill the skies

As his heart hung
In his lonely chest
He wasn’t happy
He wasn’t impressed
As ladies gathered around
He knew this time
He had gone too far
She turned and smiled
Waved good bye
Drove off in her car