Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Caught in time
She wondered through the vines
Life passed her by
Seeking out moments
That would open her eyes

As tree stumps
Lay along grassy plains
She twirled in it as it rained
Lily pads poked through
Nature threw at her what she never knew

As she danced along
Singing her song
Something made her stop
Her heart went to a melted flop

Beautiful waterfalls surrounded this land
Wanting to touch them
She held out her hands
As thirst filled her worn out breath
She was warm and clammy

She wanted to feel the wet
As she drew herself closer
To the beauty before her eyes
Something caught her eye

As she tip toed closer than before
There was an old wooden door
In the middle of the waterfall
For all the world to see

She thought to herself
How could this possibly be
Venturing closer again
Her body was wet now

The water filled her up
To her waist somehow
Holding out her hand to reach to the door
As she touched it

It opened up
A voice came from within
Please come in
So she did and said
Who are you
Where do you come from

Where are you
I cant see you
Where do you belong
Questions my dear
Come over here

Sit on this coloured stone
While I get some poems
I know that you like to read
But like to write even more

I know that you don’t believe
That your not really sure
Come with me take my hand
I will bring you with me

Where you can sit
And think for awhile
While you can stop and breath
So small but yet so clever
You really are so cute

I never ever trusted frogs
Until I met you
Too many I have kissed before
They always proved me right
But you are so much different
Your fun you are a delight

It is time for you to go right now
Can I see you again
Of course you can my precious one
Next time bring some paper and pen

We will talk about our interests
And see what comes of it all
If nothing else we have had some fun
We have surely had a ball

So fly away back home my dear
Out into the starry night
Do not be afraid
My lightening bugs will be your light

Safe home my dear until we meet again
And don’t forget I know
I will bring some paper and a pen

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