Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Artist mind

Rolling his eyes
As colours caught his disguise
He wished that he knew now
What he knew then
But only time would tell

As he sat amongst
The wilted falling flowers
Strangled by over load
He felt their battle
That they have fought
He felt their distraught

He was once like them
Fighting holding on
With his fingers tips
Barely catching all
That was there
He felt his heart burn
Inside his chest cavity

His voice that was once weak
Was now strong and he would speak
He stood in their shadow for long enough
He wanted more from himself
He wanted to shine and be more
Than a empty blanket of some else

He wished for all that he looked on
Was like somewhere that sun shone
His images he painted
On a board of colourless of nothing before
Now it had life so did he
He painted how he felt
He was offering all for those
Who wanted to see

His work in emotion
For all to explore
While other would walk by ignore
Nose in the air
That would soon disappear
He would capture
Their hearts
As soon as that fierce unknown
Would clear

Sitting on the steps
Where it all began
Looking on at the colours
That once covered his disguise
Were emotions so strong
So was warm
He embraced all the loving arms
And well wishes
He had said good bye
To all those old memories
On their tall ships 

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