Sunday, 3 June 2012

Blanket of Hope

Wrapped in a snowy jacket of warmth
Snuggled close to the winter tree
Holding her head against the worn bark
She was so tired could barely see

Her dark black hair nestled up on it
Twigs that you could barely feel
Her heart was thumping fast
Trying to keep her alive and warm

She fell to the ground
Her heart began to slow down
She could almost not hear it pound
No motion no help no sound

With dark caves and mountains
Filling the back ground
She cried out
Please let me be found

As the light snow dust
Fell to her bare feet her toes
She fell in to a sleep
Of darkness who knows

When out of no where along came a light
The men were taken back
They got a fright
Stand back said a voice

He was the one who knew best
He done everything
That any one could do
No matter how hard he tried

Nothing seemed to work
When out of no where
Another light shone
It was hers
She was coming around

They all cheered and praised
The man who never gave up the fight
To bring this lady back to life
He done everything
He never stood still
He never gave up
He had the will

She thanked him later
When she was feeling strong
She told him he was her light of hope
He said you couldn’t be more wrong

She thanked him very graciously
She owed him her life
He came to rescue her that day
He was her shinning light

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