Thursday, 14 June 2012

Bursting Bubbles

Each bubble
Was once filled with something
Each one a different dream
She had once seen them so clearly
So apparent so real

As she walked along further
Each one disappeared
The life she had once known
No longer seemed real

Her once planned ideas
She thought she had known
No longer existed
No longer belonged

Holden on to something
That time had changed
Nothing was the same anymore
Life seemed very strange

Once fun loving
Out going having it all
No longer was there this in place
She was burnt and scorn

Helpless and hopeless
No light no hope
She sat in room
Nothing but a candle
As she caught her shadow
It kept her company
Changing her scope

Talking to herself
No one else was there
Her shadow was her company
She didn’t give in

It was like a new beginning
She seen herself in another light
She was glad to of had a chat with herself
That very closed in night

Knowing that much more of life
Was out there for her
She knew if she just let go
Of all the pain and all the hurt

As the morning broke
And the past displaced that day
She was a new woman
She wanted more for herself
She had an awaken
Her light was as bright as a summer’s sun ray

Life began to come together
She grew in confidence
Making new friends
Loving all the compliments

She owed it to herself
To do all she wanted to do
After all no one else could do it
It was all up to her she knew

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