Sunday, 10 June 2012

By the light of the Moon

I ran away
I ran that day
Not wanting to go home
When evening time it kicked in
It began to scream and cry

Noises that I have never heard before
Began to creep up on me
Were knocking at my door
Except I was out in the open

With nothing to shelter me
No home no mam and dad
No place to call home
You see

Now regretting what I had done
Chilled to the bone
What’s that noise I scared myself
It was tummy rumbling all along

Stopping at an old deck house
Situated on the lake
I looked up to the moon
And said, oh what a terrible mistake

Looking at me half asleep
I could barely keep my eyes open as they did weep
Dry up your eyes
Don’t be afraid

Who is that
Said the little boy
It is me the moon
I know you will be home soon

Why did you wonder away
On such a cold and frosty day
Why run away from home
You no it is no fun been alone
I agreed with him

When I felt shock no more
I wanted to go out to explore
Before I knew it
I was lost
Not near home any more
Now I am scared all alone

You’re here with me
 I will watch out for you
I can see you asleep
Close your eyes
Not a peep

As he lay in the old house
With the moon watching over him
The morning broke
His mother and father finally found him
After nearly having a stroke

Where were you
You know how worried we were
I know and I am sorry
I didn’t mean to wonder far

But the moon
Look up and see
He watched over me
He kept me from harm
Reaching out for his parents warmth
And their loving arms

The moon said his good byes
But promised to always be there
For the little boy who had adventure
And the mother and father who cared




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