Thursday, 7 June 2012

Camped Out

Looking out the window
All eyes stare back at me
As they set up their tents
And take out their cutlery

Everyone is happy
Everyone is one the ball
Until the tent wont go up
This was their short fall

Someone forgot the pegs
To hold it in the ground
All I can hear it shouting
There no where to be found

Im sitting here sipping
My warm cup of tea
When all of a sudden
One of them are standing in front of me

Can I help you
As I look on in shock
Have you any pegs
When off I go to the plastic box

And take out some of mine
They were the ones I brought in
The previous day
Off the washing line

They look at me
As if to say
Are you for real
Well you asked for pegs

So here you are
Now off you go on your way
Poor innocent look on their face
Not wanting to argue back

Sure I was only having fun
Only having a laugh
As I reach in underneath the box
Of bit and bobs of old things

I hear a shout
I think I found
The bloody rotten things
A deep sigh of relieve I felt

He was giving out to much
Couldn’t bare to listen to any more
Thank god I heard myself say
So until another comes along
I will pack the pegs safely away 

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