Friday, 29 June 2012

Crossing Waters

As he stared up at the moon
Through his telescope of bare
He wondered just exactly
What was out there

Where do I belong
In the strange streets of the night
Where do I fit in
Where on earth is my fight

His heart was fast flowing
With lyrics on his tongue
His yearning notes
Just played with him
Trying to achieve his song

Dry throat
He needed something
To help his ache away
When down his telescope fell
Almost taken everything in it way

Hey she shouted from down low
What the hell are you playing at
As her words left her mouth
Out strolled a rather large black cat

Lucky for some
Not for others
As the myth goes
Mind the cat of black
That turns up when it glows

Explain yourself
What are you doing
He apologised once again
So quiet was he so gentle
His heart still flowing
Still melting

As she passed on her way
She was all he could think of
She was inside his head
As he laid down for a nights sleep
He couldn’t get her out of his head

As morning broke his window closed
His rush to work took over him
As he ran out the door to catch a cab
He ran into her again

What watch out she shouted
Oh it is you again she said
I’m so sorry
I didn’t mean it
I only have just rolled out of bed

Listen its okay
You’re all right
Don’t be silly
As she looked on into his eyes so bright

As their paths did cross
So many times
Gave his heart more
Melting chimes

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