Thursday, 28 June 2012


Relaxed in his study
Sheltered from the weather
He would remember
The words of his mother

Teach yourself
All you need to know
It will help
Develop prosper and grow

As he flicked the pages
Of yet another book
This one really had him

Almost as if he was apart of it
It told the story of a man
Who had to fight for all
He wanted to stay fit

When the roads where closed
He never gave in
He pushed back the barriers
Using all his strength with in

As each cell of his mind
Opened up to the world outside
He learned all he could
Taking all that he would need

But life would have to be lived
Nothing in any book
Could give him life skills
Locked away
Under the key

Sheltered away
From reality
His mother’s words
Were filled with good intentions

She did not mean
Keep others at arms length
Preventing him from

So as the hardest of roads
He would walk
He began his journey
To challenge himself
To discover the details
Of what lay undiscovered

As he filled his feet
With his fathers shoes
Life would never be the same
He would be playing his own game 

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