Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Exotic Eyes

She led them on their way
Like a scarlet woman of the day
She focused them to go on
Even tough they were worn
Tired to the bone

As they followed her lips
Her perfect mouth
Said so many kind words
The shadows of men
Collected around her
Like stray birds

Gathering for all to see
Her unique beauty
While others were afraid to approach
They held themselves back
Like strapped up horses
Filled with thirst

Washing her feet with water from a jar
Exotic excellence she had come from afar
As the haze filled the downward hills
The men steamed up and did grin
Trying to catch her eyes on them
She just played with these
Testosterone muscle pumped men

Flagging a path
On the dusty shallow walk
She knew she had them in her hand
She knew she did not need to talk
As they watched her leave that very day
Somehow wishing they were with her
Travelling with her on a journey of her display  

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