Thursday, 21 June 2012

Fallen Star

The moon struck the lake
On which he was taking a day off
He was gone all day
He just needed to get away

He had been fishing but
Caught nothing but a chill
He did not mind
This was his escape
His happy pill

He sat and watched all the stars
When all of a sudden
A star fell across the sky
He quickly wished on it
Closing his eyes tight

He had wished for something to happen
He surely did not know
What was about to uncover his thoughts
Would make his emotions show

A sudden splash
He seen right in front of him
He did not know what to do
He thought it was a fish that had tugged his line

Nothing else happened for awhile
Then out of know where he seen a light
It filled the lake
Like a whirlpool of fire

He was frightened
And helpless
Not knowing
What to do

When suddenly he was dragged
Down below
His was twirling and twisting
Like a vortex of show
Then he was gone
No where in sight
He was aware of all he seen
Nature that lay down in between

She came up to meet him
This wonderful light
Come with me
As she guided him along the way
What was happening to him that day

He held her hand
As she took him along the sea bed sand
We are nearly there
She somehow told him

It was like she was inside his mind
Not been able to talk
He was entwined
He suddenly seen all that she wanted him to see

Another world
He could never see
She took him to an island
Where he would never age
He would not have to live
Like a trapped human in a fast working cage

He asked her to tell him
Who she was
I am the one
Sent from the stars above

Why did you bring me here
To see that there is more
Than what you imagined
That was always there

This is where you belong
Singing me that wonderful beautiful song
He sang to her and she sang along
He loved that he felt like he belonged

As he lay down beside her
On the broken sand
What an unusual land
He closed his eyes
He was drifting off to sleep
When he woke

He felt all weak
He had a journey
Like never before
He was almost knocking on heavens door
He was back on the boat
Shook by what he had seen
But glad it was only a dream  

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