Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Farewell not Goodbye

Leaving home
Going it alone
Never thinking this day
Would come

She had to let him go
Wondering how he would
Get on in the world
On his own

Would he be able to survive
With out her lending hand
He last days with her
Were like sand in an hour glass

It was not easy to cut the apron strings
But she knew with every year
There are new beginnings
He was well on his way

He could cope
With any thing that would
Come his way
She knew he would be okay

It was herself that would not
Be able to let go
After nurturing him for so long now
How the years passed by
As tears filled her eye lash fall

The day had come
She had dropped him off
Where he depart
Where he would break her heart

But this was only farewell
Not even goodbye
Sure he was the apple
Of his caring loving mothers eye
Keep safe stay warm
Do not get in trouble
She did warn
Know we are here
For what ever you may need
Just phone us any time day or night
Don’t be a stranger indeed

I will he promised as his flight
Took him away
A mother’s son had left her
In total heartache that day

She wept for him
Tears similar to when he was born
Cutting the cord
Is not easy to do
He would know someday
How hard it is to do

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