Sunday, 3 June 2012

A Field of red

A field of red
She seen
From over the worn out fence
She wanted to get closer look
She wanted to paint his image in her book

She wondered over it to see more
To see it to explore
With as much as her eyes could see
All around her were red poppies

With dark green stems underneath them
That held them right up
No yellow was there in this field
Not even a buttercup

She took her instruments out
Her book she noted it all down
Explaining what she had seen
In the broken brown

Wonders of beautiful red
Like a silky dotted sheet across
Out in the distance she could hear
The noise of the wild running horse

As she jotted it all down
And then began to paint
Her heart lit up
As did her eyes
She felt so excited and awake

Oh what beauty I have before me
If only everyone else knew
But little did she know someday
It would be displayed
In an art gallery too

As the years went by and she matured
And so did her talent
She never forgot that wonderful place
The poppies of red so balanced

She finally had the courage to display them
On walls they hung for all to see
Everyone was amazed by the poppies
That lay in the field of red sea

She stood back and watched their faces
Amazed by all she heard
She was delighted that she had come so far
She was happy with every word

She said a few words herself that day
She thanked all who came
She was honoured to have her exhibit
Of her red poppies that hung so well

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