Friday, 8 June 2012

Fort of Hope

Walking around the mountains
Along road ways
And fields of silence
No sound

Beautiful scenery all surrounding me
Birds taking flight
Sun shinning through trees
Grasping in to the cocoon of hive of honey bees

Swarming around inside
Buzzing away
They like to hide
When they take flight
They go really fast
Looking for their fill

As I see nothing else for miles
When out in the middle of no where
A house all on its own
On empty ground

The only thing that protected it
Was a wall a fort of some kind
Green moss covered it
Purple rocks lay behind

The house was so small
Almost cottage like
All that was holding up against it
Was an old rusty bike

With square like windows
I decided to go right in
I knocked the door
When a tiny voice
Said come on in

Almost to frightened to do so
When I thought before no one else was home
I ventured in side
Looking all around
When I seen a little woman
Sitting in front of a open fire

She had a red and brown scarf
On her head full of grey hair
Her face and hands told a thousand tales
Her tiny fingers and finger nails

She had a soft calming voice
She was happy I came across her
She had not seen any one for days
Every day was just a phase

Warmed by her presence
I felt welcomed by her
She made me a hot cup of tea
That made the cold inside go away

She told me of her life
And of all that she had seen
Of how she had helped her husband build
Their small house of this beautiful scene

She had tiny trinkets
Of her travels on a shelf
I spoke of all my adventures
She told me she had a book
That would guide me and help

I was shocked at how much energy
This small lady had
She was happy to see me well on my way
I am happy I met that lady that day

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