Sunday, 24 June 2012

Free Grace

Lying in position
Lying on the floor
They cried out and applauded
They wanted more

She danced her heart out
She moved so gracefully
She forgot all that was around her
She was in her own world

The music played on
She filled the floor
Like an elegant flower
Opening up
Beauty you can not ignore

Learning from all the mistakes
She had made before
She was focused this time
Not wanting to feel
Her injury anymore

As he arms tightened in
And her legs turned right in
She was a light of silhouette
Gleaming on the stage floor

Then up she threw out her last jump
Making sure she glided where
She wanted to end her show

As she lay back down
In the position
Where she began
The crowd were on their feet
Clapping out so loudly

She peeped up to see
Are they really congratulating me
Surprised by the reaction
She knew she had done well
She no longer lived scared
Alone in her shell  

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