Friday, 8 June 2012

Frozen Space

As he walked on frozen land
All around him not a single sound
Water that once filled the earth’s floor
Was a frozen lake
A mirror of cold a more

Grey and white clouds filled above
A picture of winter
Mother natures nurturing glove
Every where he looked he fell in love

Ice was his skating rink
No chance of falling in
Not worrying about whether he would sink
He knew he could swim

As his shadow formed
Another of him
He glared at it
As this made him grin

Nothing or no one else in sight
This was his wonder wall
He roared out his voice echoed back
He could hear himself call

All around snow capped mountains
Sheltered him
Excitement filled his very being
No other feeling could come near
He was so happy this was clear

Paradise of silence
Foggy breath left his lips
Cold caught hold of his finger tips
As the tops of the mountains
Touched each other like hip to hip

Looking for wonders
Can be found every where
This man was happy
As a polar bear

So when on an adventure
Or taking a trip out doors
Remember not to ignore
The life that stand there for all to explore  

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