Sunday, 3 June 2012

Girl with a Red Rose

Petals falling from above
She danced on a rose of red
Green leaves were her steps
On all of them she did leap

Like a ballerina
She carved a heart in the sun
She turned herself into a silhouette
She was loose and free
On the run

Trusting her body back and forth
She was in a cobbled empty court
She steps on each large pebble
Her body like a feather
Of soft warm weather

The petals fall down slower than even before
They have covered every inch of the floor
Her dancing continues and so does her show
People stop and stare

Surprised by the petals that have falling from the air
They smile it makes them happy
She watches them enjoying themselves
They can’t help but join in

After several minutes
Everyone is dancing
As red petals fall
Surprised in their eyes

They laugh have fun
As the show has begun
They are taking part
It lights their spark
Everyone that day
Made their own mark

She looked back
As she left the crowded street
Everyone was up and happy
Dancing and on their feet

She knew that she could leave now
Her work here was done
She had left that magic print on their faces
The sun was shinning once again in their hearts

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