Thursday, 14 June 2012

Hand on Heart

Help me find me
Where are you tonight
As I sit all alone
In the still hurt to the bone

Shelter my pain
Come in from the rain
My luxuries that surround me
Are nothing with out you

Candles light is cold and hurtful
Exhaustion is all I feel
So empty and shallow too
The light never shines
On me anymore

The room is full of hardship
I cry upset on the floor
Lift me up
Bring me back
I want you more than you will ever know

The window lets me see
Out at all that is there
But I don’t want to go
If your not going to care

Feeling once your love
Not feeling it any more
Can change how you tried to shape me
I wish I could ignore

I am fragile like china
You are strong like a storm
If I could only have you back for one day
I know I would feel warm

As the doors burst open
You pick me off the floor
Your gentle hands they gather me up
Your loving touch
You are my crutch

I need you now
You will never leave
These are your words
On which you agreed
Time will tell
Keep your word
I am not just a person
With unspoken
And won’t be heard

Follow your heart
Keep it going for long
Share it all
We can have it all

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