Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hear my Song

Playing her piano
All day long
Wanting to get it right
Playing her own song

Following through
Her dreams too
Wondering out her long lost
Thoughts she knew

This was only a figment
Of her wondering mind
Never to be true
Who knew

She sat in her tied up hair
Sitting on her tiny black chair
Playing on her notes
Swirling around her black keys

Someone sing along with me
Please oh please
All alone
No one to join in

When finally opening up a letter
That had come that day before
She was afraid to open then
She threw it on the table next door

Rattling understanding
The stamp on the front
She was nervous in side
She didn’t was to get hurt

Open it she thought to herself
After all you never know
Yes she shouted out
With no regret

It was news of her acceptance
To the music college she always wanted
She was smiling from head to toe
She know finally she would go
Ringing everyone to let them know

But no one answered no one heard
She did not mind
She was excited
When she played
In college that year

The most beautiful music
Anyone had ever heard
She was fulfilled
Finally someone to sing her song
An audience filled
With people to sing along 

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