Thursday, 21 June 2012

Illuminating Candles

Coloured trees standing around this field
Standing like illuminating candles
Of yesterday of many years
Pulled back behind
Some are hard to see

Hanging down
The red tiny buds
Catch your eyes
Like tiny miniature spies

As they fall to the ground below
Like droplets of snow
Dusting the green
Covering it in a beautiful scene

Some blow with the wind
As they patch the empty gaps
Like natures pattern traps
Closing in perhaps

As he walks to discover
What lies in the back
He is surprised by
What looks like a rather large crack

As he gets closer
He can see the bark
Has opened up
Its seeping sack

As life fills it down below
Like marching soldiers
Gathering tow in tow
Lined up in each row

Crisp is the air
That traps his vision
Taking images
Trying to take it all in
He now knows where to begin

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