Thursday, 14 June 2012


Life is a journey
We have a different path
Some of us want success
Some of us want a simple life
No fuss no ruffling of our feathers

Take us on a journey
Make your own path
Do what makes you happy
Be the best that you can be

At the end of the day
You are you
And I am me
In the still of the night
When darkness falls

Listening to the raindrops
And to the moon lit calls
Life waits for no one
It does not come knocking on your door

Hold out your hand
Reach for you dreams
Do the impossible
That you once could only
Imagine in dreams

Take your children by the hand
Hold them while you can
Before long they will be grown up
How life changes all the different stages

Make memories
Keep them safe under lock and key
Make promises
Know your own will

Look at yourself
And be who you want to be
Take the right path in life
And you surely can succeed 

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