Friday, 8 June 2012

Lanterns Light

Stood in darkness
No light to fill her soul
Nothing at all
Only a sea of fish filled waves as they roll

Something caught her eye
She turned to see
A sudden brake in the clouds
Stars gathered all around

Like stair cases in the sky
Glowing glistening up high
As she looked on
One began to shoot out of no where

She quickly closed her eyes
And wished on that star
After coming all that way
Her mind was surprised so far

Her long flowing dress
It was catching on the ground
Glowing with sequence gold
Colours of green and dark blue

She wore a rose in her hair
It was clipped back off her face
As the moon climbed over the clouds
To shine away some for now

The throw back mountains
That lay in the back ground
Were hiding the creatures
As the waves crashed the sand
With a splash and a pound

She wanted to be brave
She stood out on the rocks
Nothing could catch her
Or her golden locks

With rhythms of songs
That she sang in her head
As animals fell asleep
Comfy in their beds

Her lantern sat beside her
Giving her more
This is where her castles grow
Dreams were made that night

Wishes were made
She grew tired now
She longed for her bed
As she slept underneath the stars

She sheltered beneath
A small blanket
That barely covered her feet
The night was her sheet 

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