Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Life in Bubble

As a single tree stood inside
A bubble of water
That would not burst
Feeding it leaves within

A single mountain stood in the background
Mirrored by its own image
Wonders on tightly gripped water
As it filled

Shadows of their own
The mountain top
Skill of shape
It once was accompanied by others
Now nothing grew

As it stood still
Small drops of water began to fall
Echoes of a once filled land
That once stood tall

Now emptiness handed down
Starting all over again
Trying to hold on to
What was once then

Holding back until ready
To grow
Fulfilled by now
It put on a show

The bubble did finally burst
It had filled its thirst
As the roots were surely fixed in
And the mountain that protected it
Swallowed enough for him

Now energy had once begun
Trees shoots filled the sea beds head
As tiny rocks formed into one another
Holding on to the mountains mother

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