Friday, 15 June 2012

Life of a Lake

Dotted all around are tree tops less of sound
Pushed to the floor
Wilderness once more
Flowing idleness of sandy scorched earth

Scattered dancing fairy dust
Of particles of light
Chirping singing tiny birds
Trying to take flight

Learning how to spread their wings
To fly away some day
Their mothers kindly teach them
That this is the way

As the seasons change
It is time for them to go
Off across seas and land
Zoning in like catapults of a gliding hand

Twinkling on the pond side
Dragonflies catch the eye
Waiting toads and frogs
Jump from the lily pad sty

Long green stems poke through
The cold water
With brown long tops on them
Rushes through the way
They falter

The hawk it glides over head
And swoops up and down
It stays close to the nest
Afraid in case something is around

As swans move up and down
And swoop and flap their wings
Ready to take flight
Over a river they find so dear
Covering the clear sky
With their white feather of hope
Beauty is mesmerising
As they fly off and elope  

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