Monday, 11 June 2012

Lost Pages

Looking on as the books
Fell from the trees
Pages literally fell
Right at our knees

Page numbers and titles
Chapter 22 is the one that fell next to me
Something about a zoo
Reading it was complicated
I didn’t have a clue

As we gathered around
And waited for them to fall
We ran as quickly as we could
Before the rain did make us stall

Oh dry up clouds
Wipe away your tears
Hold on for another while
We haven’t got years

As it passed over
We ran to rescue
What we could
Hoping we had got them all
We thought we surely should

As we took them in doors
And lay them on the desk
The washed up pages
Just looked like a huge mess

Leaving them to dry
Returning to figure them out
We finally put them where they belonged
Even after all the whines and shouts

Back together like a jigsaw puzzle
Each in its own place
All except for the final page
Not a single trace

Not knowing what to do now
We asked for professional help
Asking if anyone knew the book
It turns out it hadn’t been published yet

We hunted down the owner
We finally found them
They told us of the gust of wind
That dragged it away along with the pen

They told us that the final page had not been written yet
So we were astonished to read it when
They finally finished it
It said only for the tree of books

And the children who rescued me
I wouldn’t be amongst you all
I have them to thank you see
It is in their presence I am here

Only for their tender care
I wouldn’t be sitting on book shelves
If the children were not there 

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