Sunday, 10 June 2012

Magic in a Bottle

Sailing on the seas
Was a bottle on its own
I looked out to it
It was clear and had a tone

As I watched through my binoculars
Not thinking any more
Out pops a head
Looking at me on the sea shore

I was shocked
Not expecting to see
Someone from a bottle staring back at me
I dropped them with shock

Stuck for words
Thinking how can this be
A tiny little person
Staring at me

I picked them up
To have another look
Now there was more than one
I could not believe my eyes
This scared me I was shook

I was only seven
How could my imagination
Imagine them
Could this be

As I looked on
A ship was in the bottle
In between
Seen it so clearly

This did frighten me
As I tried to turn away
Something made me look back
Eyes were on me

Suddenly out of no where
Came hot balloons every where
These little people wanted me to see
All of the beauty that surrounded me

As they came closer
They asked me to sail
Along with them
On their wonder trail

I asked them who what where how
They laughed at me
No time for questions now
We must move on

Before I could answer back
They had me along with them
But I was no longer my own size
Looking around everything
Was large to my eyes

How did I grow small
What is happening
Just come on this journey
And you will not regret it you see

As we flowed up chocolate rivers
And down rainbow lollipops
Waving at candy floss
Pink bunny doing hops

Sailing along through crystal ice
That was sweet and nice
Underneath a sky of beautiful paradise
Mountains of sugar sprinkles of colour
If I eat any more I will surely be fuller

As they brought me back
From this wonderful day at sea
I thanked them so much
For letting me be me
This is the lesson
We wanted to show you
Be your own rainbow
Just be you

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