Thursday, 21 June 2012

Mountains Call

With every event in life
There are mountains to climb
Before you know it
Your there on time

Some mountains are easier to move
While others just seem
To stand still
Others give us such a thrill

Hurt and wounded
They can be the ones
That never seem to leave
Always with you
How ever you perceive them

Target in sight
You have the fight
To push them to the back
Of your worn out mind
Struggling on
Leaving the negatives behind

Meeting others head on
Can be sometimes
The only way
Things get done

When one dies and fades away
Others just come crashing
Against you tired worn out feet
Pile them up one by one
Figuring out
Which one and where it belongs

Listening to your inner voice
Staring most of them in the eye
Others pile up and make you cry
Carrying them can be heavy
Others can ware you down
They can make you tire

Listen to the mountain
That is built into
The framework of your heart
Sort that out first
Then every thing else
Will not fall apart

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