Thursday, 21 June 2012

Music Man

He played all day
He played all night
He played in his sleep
He was as free as a kite

Music gave him pleasure
Music set him free
Music was in his bones
Music was more than a hobby

Standing in front of a crowd
Took over him
He loved to see them dance
Enjoying themselves and singing

Strumming his guitar
As if he was playing from afar
He played it in his back yard
In his run down old car

As he sat on the beach
Every thing standing still
He played out a tune
People joined in
They would sing

In no time
The circle had moved in
He was like the magnetic
Source of musical mind

As he played the last tune
He laid his guitar down
To watch the sun go down

Now he can be seen
Playing his guitar
All over town
In the streets
In the bars
On his own
In his run down old car

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