Monday, 4 June 2012

Off Guard

Her wicked ways
She liked to play games
Her looks misguided others around her
She knew which one to show to who

One was open and honest
The other was spoiled and blue
Letting others hear what
They wanted to hear
She knew how to play the game

The other was blunt and cruel
But always got what she wanted to do
She always had others fall
While some just ran they flew

Sitting in their company
Wrapped around her little finger
She knew just what to say and do
She thought to herself if they only knew

Leaning over the bar
The man smiling back at her
Giving her a wink or two
She played along
She was naughty and wild

As she went back to her friends
She noticed something which took her off guard
It was true self
She had never noticed
Until it was nearly to late

She was caught between emotions
Of love and hate
One wanted more than the other knew
She was dumb founded
Not knowing what one to choose

Waking up in a drunken state
Had been her call to change
Looking at herself in such a state a rage
Never wanting to see this side

She chose the other face
The kind gentle quieter
She knew this was her real personality
This was the one and only face she knew

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