Thursday, 28 June 2012


Post cards in the sun
Hearing stories from home
Oh what fun
Lying on the beach
Covered in continental breeze

As I told my dear friend
Of his shinning eyes
Covered by a wonderful smile
She almost fainted
To my surprise

Oh he sounds a dream
I laughed so much
I almost screamed
Put on some more sun screen

The heat had gone to her head
She was a funny shade of burnt orange red
Blonde was her hair
She once was fair

Sounds like all is well at home
Mothers using the words well on the farm
Father is like a rolling machine
Never gives up
Never gives in

Oh I wish they could be here
Do you really said my friend from afar
Looking up to give her eyes a break
Catching her eyes
Was she making a mistake

There he is
The boy from home
Well she nearly broke my back
Jumping up so hard

Oh right over there
Beside the beach bar
Oh I see what you mean
He surely is a dream
Well if you don’t want him
I will go over
And see what will happen

Hands off now
He is mine for the taking
Keep that in your mind dear
Rushing off just in case

Tip toeing over to him
Hello what are you doing here
I have been offered a new job
In my chosen career

Really that’s great
Would you like to show me around
She said is this a date
What happens next is in their fate 

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