Sunday, 24 June 2012

Pretty in Pink

Never put all your eggs in one basket
Her grand mother once said
She remembered these words so clearly
They stuck in her head

She lived each day to the full
Her days were so busy
She was always on the move
Her life was far from dull

She decided it was time
To take her grand mother old bike
Out of the shed
It was a pretty pink one
Reflecting sparkles in between

It has been years since
I rode a bike
Oh my goodness
What am I like

As she rolled up flower shop
And bought what she wanted
She filled her basket that day
With wonderful pink flowers

On her way
She had to pass that huge hill
This was her only way home
She cycled up it as if going no where

But it was worth it
When she finally reached the top
Almost out of breath
She did not know it yet

As she looked down
A long strip of road
Waited for her
To cycle by
For her to glide

She said to herself
Oh well here goes
Pushing her feet in
Curling up her toes

She let herself free
The bike done the rest
She went at speed
What a trill she felt

Not braking once
Just in case
It was like she was challenging herself
Like she was in a race

When she came to the end
Her hair was everywhere
But she was so happy
She just didn’t care

Now she knew
What her grand mother meant
With all her old sayings
She meant to enjoy l
Do not worry
Live and love life

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