Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Pulling Petals

He loves me
He loves me not
Never knowing
What you had
Until you have lost the lot

Wondering did he miss her
As much as she missed him
Thinking that he did
Made her fill up inside
With a smile

She took each petal
Pulled it with care
Would he ring her
No one else can replace him
No else can compare

Wishing as the petals
Hit the empty floor
As the songs played out on the radio
Each one reminded her of him

Why is it always the way
She thought to herself
When someone splits up
Everything reminds you of them

Hope filled her mind
Empty was her heart
It was full of heartache
Not knowing where to start

As she packed up the last
Of her belongings
A picture fell to the floor
It was one of both of them

As she turned it over
Broken glass everywhere
Shattered like her emotions
Leaving behind its scar

Picking out the pieces
Like the petals just before
A knock came to the house
Of the back of the empty floor

Oh please let it be him
No it was the taxi man
As she cried out even more
Will I take your bags

Yes please she said so low
As she sat in the back
Drive me to this place
A figure stood at the door

Of their old place
It was him he knocked and knocked it down
But she was gone for ever now
She had left town

He sat in a hopeless heap
Filled with sadness indeed
Wishing he could of called sooner
He would of gone with her

Their paths never crossed
They never met again
But as she pulled the petals
Of all the other men
He done the same
No one else compared

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