Friday, 15 June 2012

Pushing Back

As he caught her running
Running down the stairs
His magic stopped her in her tracks
He pushed her up
He threw her back

What are you doing
She called out to him
Trying to get your attention
From deep with in

I can not move
What have you done to me
I have frozen you in time
You will not run
You will not win

We will see
Nothing you can do
Will change me
Giving in
He thought this he would see

She stood there until his magic
Had worn off
And then she turned
And folded his white scarf

She blind folded him
Letting him think this was a game
She asked him to call out
Hers and his name

As he done so
She ran for all she could
He was left there puzzled
She was free like a dove

She waited by the gate lodge
For him to come to her
And surely he did
He apologised
He knew he could not win
She forgave his sorry face
And whipped him into place
He liked the new her

A doormat she was no more
He never crossed this woman again
The lady he adored
She smiled as he gazed into her big brown eyes
She new he had dropped his silly image
He was no longer in disguise

Building bridges can be fun
But be careful what you do
Sometimes you can go too far
So be the real you   

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