Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Run and Fall

Walking in to the room
Frosty reception
Cold handed glove
Wearing her down

Till there is nothing left
Leaving her
Like an old tattered
Book on a shelf

Not feeling confidence
In herself
Not wanting to cave in
She shouts out loud in my head

What really is the matter with them
Where is it that she has gone wrong
She is as lonely as the man
Singing these songs

Like a shattered frosted glass
That divides her from them
She is not fitting in
They hear the bell ring

Like Cinderella in the night
She is startled
Makes a run for it
Off in to the cold of the night

With beauty in her hand
And freedom
As her call
She chases the steps
That fall between

Hearing nothing
Only her heart beat
She has him running after her
He is at her feet

As she steps off the final step
Her shoes gets caught
She has no choice
But to leave it
Angry with herself

He finally realises
She is the one
Where is the lady of the night
Mystery takes flight

He takes out an ad
He looks for she who he once barely knew
Meet me on the stepping stairs
Where we once have been

He waits and waits
No one shows
When is about to give up
A princesses light surely glows

Hand in hand
Shoe that fits
He kisses her
He is as happy as the shoe is hers
After waiting hours

They drive off into the sun
He has won her heart
A light that is hers
Will always burn

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