Friday, 8 June 2012

Saving Her

Walking in
Not hearing a needle drop
Lightening bugs lit up all around them
Life was the same

Everyday nothing new
Until one adventure
Brought them to somewhere
No one knew

Magical tunnels
Filled with pathways of light
Each like the other
Kind of gave them a startle a fright

But excitement made them go on
Curiosity got the better of them
Holding each others hand
Lovingly together they stayed

Etched on the walls
Drawing of symbols
As they rubbed them down
Out came a wall

Just out of the blue
Holding on tighter now
Screaming out but no one hears
Holding on inside them
All of their fears

Finally it stops
All of a sudden
The floor it drops
Never wanting to let go

She lets go of him
He tries to catch her fall
To late she is gone
He soon goes to

When he falls down
Onto soft comfy ground
She is standing looking in amazement
Can’t believe what she sees

A room full of treasures
Paintings and all
Coins from many a century
This was something
They were never suppose to see

Finding it was some thing
So out standing
Why them out of the few
Who knew

What were they to do with it all
Wanting to get out more than anything
Was all but no way no clue
We need to leave it here he said

She answered she agreed
As they looked for a way out
She remembered the drawing on the wall
That was their clue

Looking around she could not see it
When he said to her
Here is a statue
Isn’t this the one
She smiled he was right

Standing over it
They both hand in hand
Touched its head
The ground pushed them up

Back onto land
So happy to be alive and in one piece
They promised never to reveal
The secret treasure beneath

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