Friday, 15 June 2012

Scattered Hopes

Throwing off scents
Of perfume
Kindness filled the room
As he walked down the floor
Woman fell at his feet

Throwing off guard
Drinks piled up at his hand
At the bar
Glaring eyes
Followed him everywhere he went
They knew it was money well spent

He didn’t take much notice at first
As he was always blessed with attention
If any thing it was his curse
Over the years he made his way

Along like a fast furious horse
Moving along faster than light
Moving all around him
Filling him with pride

Then that evening when
She came to call
She took mens breath away
He was speechless
But moved in fast
Afraid to stall

Picking up his lines
Like all those nights before
Like a hungry hound
Calling at the door

He wanted her
Like no other woman before
She knew this and just wanted to ignore
She walked away and began to dance

He was staring at her
He was in a trance
She moved his world
Like there was no one else in
She took no notice
Of his constant staring

As she walked past
He tried once again
He let his drink fall
She just kept ignoring

He knew he had to have her
She knew one day he would
But until the day he found himself
She just knew he never understood

As time passed by
He wanted her more and more
She finally gave him some time
She had him at her door

Starving for affection
Longing for attention
He was thirsty for her smile
They spoke for a while

He realised he must change
If it was going to work
He had to stop looking for what he already had
Or he would end up lonely
Alone and sad

He waited for her to except him
She waited for him to begin
A life with her all over again
They exchanged smiles
And a life to fill 

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