Saturday, 2 June 2012

Secret Tales

As she sat up on the bench
And wrote her story that day
She thought to herself
Of the wonders that would come her way

Just as she turned the white page
To write her words with in
A unicorn with its horn
Poked her hat
And made it flat

She said who is that
What are you doing go away
She did not see it clearly at first
As it disappeared somewhere

When out of no where it appeared again
So tiny she could barely see
A miniature flying unicorn
With a long white twirling pearly horn

What do you want
She asked him politely
I want you write something for me
What she said

What will I write
I don’t know
Maybe how I take flight
Ok here goes she said to him

Not startled at all
And so she began
He is fast on his feet
When they touch the ground

He pokes me in the head
And makes my heart pound
He is graceful and beautiful
And magical like a story
He has captivated my heart
In all his glory

When out of no where as she wrote these words down
Out came a tiny dragon
And a dancing fairy with a crown
I am princess Abbie  
And pray what is your name

My name is lily Ann
What is your dragon’s name
He is pebbles he is sweet
He helps me with my tiny feet

Oh my he is so cute
And you’re so pretty
I hope you will include us in your story
Of course I will if you really want me to
It was my pleasure to have met you

I must go now
But hope to see you all again
As she ran off
She forgot her pen

As she looked all around that night
Could not find it any where
The friends she had met that day
Left it by her pillow
Trying not wake her up
Trying not to scare her

As she woke up that morning
And turned towards the light
Something shinny had caught her eye
It is my pen which gave me a fright

How on earth did it get here
Who could have brought it in
When she remembered her friends from the day before
She knew she smiled and grinned

Her story was told all over
Of the unicorn, dragon and princess
Who had helped her in her time of need
Just like they did with her mother
They had visited her when she was young

They shared this tale of then
Now they believed in fairy tales
What happened now and then
Their secret place they kept hidden
For only their eyes could see
The unicorn and the dragon
And princess Abbie


  1. Yes,
    (Marjory from the Garden)
    This is definatley the makings of a illustrated children's book.
    Imagises (pictures) raced along with your story. It keep moving.
    Please do continue on to put it together.
    I do not have a blog - just on face book.

  2. Thank you yet another poem i had fun with i never think of using them as story lines. But would most likely get more from them if i did. I will give it a go and see how it turns out. Will look you up on facebook. you really should have a blog your work is amazing and you should share it.